The CarPET Pet Hair Remover, New Boutique Pink! by The CarPET

6,95 (as of 30. Juni 2018, 7:36)


CarPET Pet Hair Remover Works on virtually all animal hair: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters etc and gathers and collects the pet hair from all soft material: upholstery, carpets, car seats, motor home furnishings, cushions, rugs and clothes. They are even used by camel owners in the Middle East to keep their rugs clean and tidy. Its robustness means that you can keep one anywhere – in the back of the car, the trailer, under the sink or perhaps behind the furniture so you can always have your CarPET Pet Hair Remover handy either as part of your regular cleaning routine or for a quick brush before your guests arrive. Specifications: Materials – plastic inner tube outer rubber coated Washable Hygienic No Odour or Stickiness Durable