Aquarium Gravel Cleaner for Fish Tanks – Removes Excess Fish Food and Waste – Naturally Removes Toxins Better than Pump Kits – 2-in-1 Solution Works in Both Freshwater & Saltwater by Natural Rapport

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NATURALLY DERIVED FISH TANK CLEANER – NON-CHEMICALLY degrades fish wastes & excess fish food from gravel;REMOVES COMMON AQUARIUM TOXINS – Safely and quickly removes toxic ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate;MARKET LEADING 2-in-1 AQUARIUM CLEANER – The market’s safest and most effetive 2-in-1 natural aquarium gravel cleaner that works in freshwater AND saltwater, saving you time and money;EXTENDS TIME BETWEEN WATER CHANGES – Reduces the need for frequent aquarium water changes by naturally removing the organic wastes in the aquarium;CLEAN AND CLEAR AQUARIUM WATER AND AQUARIUM GRAVEL CLEANER: Safely creates healthy and crystal clear water for your aquarium and your fish and helps keep fish tank decorations cleaner!!